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Improve your Odds

Like most people, you've probably played countless lottery games and spent a small fortune in the process with little or no success.

Virtual World Direct has developed the e-Lottery system which massively improves your chances of winning - not just any lottery - but one of the richest tax free, lump sum lotteries in the world!

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With a single line entry your odds of scooping the Jackpot are about 14 million to 1. Every week people in their millions try to beat the odds and strike it lucky.

Better chances of Winning

The good news now is, as a member of Virtual World Direct playing in an e-Lottery syndicate your chances of winning are dramatically increased because the odds tumble in your favour. You only need to match 5 main numbers not 6. This is a major advantage.

The e-Lottery system is convenient, simple, affordable and you can play without leaving your home, wherever you are in the world.

Membership Benefits

Virtual World Direct gives members access to the unique benefits of playing the innovative e-Lottery system, specifically designed for people around the globe to enter the UK Lotto Game, one of the richest lump sum, tax free lotteries in the world.

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e-Lottery dramatically increases your chances of winning. With a single line entry your odds of scooping the jackpot are about 14 million to 1. The e-Lottery system brings those odds down in your favour.

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Syndicate Sense

Virtual World Direct automatically places you in a syndicate and allocates your lottery numbers. A Syndicate is a group of people, who combine their efforts to improve their chances of winning and share the same lottery numbers. These numbers are entered in each Lotto Game draw, which takes place twice a week - Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8.00pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

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The company checks, collects and transfers all your winnings into your member's online account for just 5.00 a week. Your prize money is then mailed directly to you with your statement, which details all your prizes and can be accessed on-line.

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To become a member there is a small 4.99 registration fee. Simply complete the on-line application form which is automatically processed. You then receive an e-mail confirming your membership number and lottery syndicate numbers. These are instantly activated and entered into one of the world's No 1 tax free lotteries*.

Rewards Programme

As a member, you can benefit from our rewards programme. We believe that a personal recommendation is more effective in inviting friends and family to play e-Lottery than spending money on expensive advertising and related marketing costs. Therefore, we pay an ongoing commission each time you introduce a new e-Lottery player as well as generous group bonuses.

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By taking advantage of the rewards programme you can play the e-Lottery system, which increases your odds of winning one of the world's biggest tax free, lump sum lotteries, at no direct cost to yourself.

Free Website

Members receive a free web site with on-line presentations, marketing information and tools to help promote their Virtual World Direct business, along with an on-line statement facility and real time genealogy so they can track their progress 24 hours a day.

They receive all this, plus all the e-Lottery benefits for just 4.99 a year.

Join Now!

So, the sooner you join, the sooner you'll be playing in the richest tax free, lump sum lottery in the world using the powerful e-Lottery system.

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* If your application is submitted after 6.00pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) on the day of a Lotto Game draw, your lottery numbers will be entered into the following Lotto Game draw.


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