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Xiddi Xiddi is an innovative new site for trading (Exchanging) DVDs online with other members

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    About Xiddi

    What is a DVD trading club?
    In its simpliest form, a DVD trading club allows you to trade (sell) and receive (buy) DVDs without using cash and with no transaction charges. The service as a way of sharing your collection of DVDs with other users and in return, you get to watch DVDs that you haven't seen. All this for a fraction of the traditional cost of renting, pay-per-view or buying.

    How does it work?
    The first thing you do is go shopping and build a list of films that you would like to watch - this list is called your 'Wanted list'. Once Xiddi matches a request, the owner of that DVD will post it directly to you for you to enjoy. At this point, the DVD belongs to you and you can keep it for as long as you want. However, once you have watched it, you may choose to re-list the DVD on Xiddi and thus complete the sharing cycle. If you do this, you will be expected to package, address and post the DVD to another member in the same way that they did it for you.

    Why use Xiddi over other methods of renting DVDs?
    There are two problems with renting, the first is cost - renting a DVD can cost around three pounds per night from a high-street store. With Xiddi, the cost of watching a single DVD is just the cost of postage, which is around one pound for most DVDs.
    The second problem with renting is the inconvenience of having to return the DVD by a certain time - or risk a fine. With Xiddi, there are no time limits and you can keep the DVD for ever if you want.


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