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TACT Tiles TACTtiles are a complete and versatile tile flooring system Ideal for where people & water mix

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    About TACT Tiles

    TACTtiles are designed to be both durable and easy to maintain. Laying the tiles is a simple and straightforward DIY exercise, or for larger areas TACT can provide experienced personnel to lay your floor.

    Unique characteristics

    Free draining capabilities make the tiles extremely useful in wet areas such as swimming pool surrounds, showers and changing rooms, boathouses, footbridges and ramps. TACTtiles can also be used for boat decks.

    TACTtiles are so easy to clean. Your floor surface will always look clean and bright. Depending on the application, TACTtiles can be dry or wet vaccuumed or pressure washed. Being stainproof, usually a wipe with a damp cloth is all that is required.

    TACTtiles required virtually no maintenance. If a tile does become damaged, then it is an easy matter to insert a new one.

    The tile absorbs sound, reducing echo in areas such as indoor swimming pools, factories and car showrooms.

    Removable - TACTtiles can be lifted and moved. Layouts can be reconfigured e.g. around factory workstations. If you move premises, your tiles can go with you and be re-laid and added to.

    TACTtiles allow the floor to breathe - the raised surface allows the substrate to breathe making the floor ideal for storage of goods.

    TACTtiles are stainproof and chemically resistant, ideal for areas where diesel and chemicals may be spilt.

    TACTtiles can be laid over uneven surfaces. They are flexible and adapt to the contours of the substrate. Ideal for ramps and disabled access areas.

    The tiles withstand extremes of temperature - both hot and cold. Useful for balconies, terraces, saunas, drying rooms and cold stores.

    TACTtiles can be laid over old and worn concrete surfaces including old tennis courts and pitted and greasy workshop floors. TACTtiles protect the surface from further wear and tear - useful in warehouses and also for grass protection.

    TACTtiles can be laid over substrates including - concrete, wood, ceramic tiles, thermoplastic tiles and even grass.


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