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    About RDG

    This is a selective archive of the uk.d-i-y (and some other) newsgroups: if I thought an article might be useful, was important in some way, or just liked what was said, I kept it. I've been doing this for years, since before there was any sort of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions -- and answers of course -- document) for this newsgroup. Over time the FAQ has grown both in range and depth of topics covered, and changed from a regular newsgroup posting by Matthew Marks to the present web-based FAQ edited and maintained by Clive E, to both of whom much thanks and praise must go for their work in providing such a useful repository of DIY info.

    Apart from this selective archive, another source of previous postings is deja news which archives many many newsgroups and allows searches in various ways including a power search

    So what does this archive offer compared with the FAQ or deja?

    • A wider range of information than the FAQ: articles in the FAQ are generally fairly well thought-out and well-written, and this all takes time and effort to do and limits the range of the FAQ. This archive contains just postings, which may be incomplete, chaotic or even somewhat incoherent, but still contain (possibly) useful information. As the FAQ has grown in breadth I have dropped articles from the archive which are better covered in the FAQ, and hope to be able to continue to do so.

    • The FAQ is also about Frequently Asked Questions: the cause of windscreen wipers spontaneously coming on when cornering hard in an old model Vauxhall Cavalier hardly falls into this category, but if you have this particular problem you'll find discussion of it (if not perhaps the answer :-) here.

    • The FAQ covers generally the remit of the uk.d-i-y newsgroup: the archive contains articles also from the uk.rec.cars.maintenance, uk.rec.caravanning and uk.rec.gardening newsgroups

    • The archive also contains some discussion and sometimes debate (e.g. do -- or should -- you have to be CORGI registered to install gas pipework?) and stuff I found amusing from the newsgroup.

    • Compared to deja news, the archive probably goes back further in time and also, being selective, may have a better distillation of useful information.

    • This archive has sheds!!

    In general, if you don't find the information you want in the FAQ, try the archive, failing that, search in deja.

    So welcome to the not-the-FAQ, or the Frequently Unanswered Questions


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