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    About DIY Conservatories

    There's not much doubt - the prices often quoted for DIY conservatories do appear attractive. We have seen prices quoted from under 1000 and certainly there are plenty of models in the 2000 - 4000 range. 

    It is worth, however, realising that the specification included may not be quite the same as that supplied by the specialist SUPPLY and INSTALL companies. For instance, a conservatory quoted at under 1000 may only feature 10 mm polycarbonate and single glazing. Still an EXCELLENT price for what is provided but nothing like what most people will be looking for when adding an "extra room" to their home.

    Most people reading these pages we find, are looking for an extra room and for that the very minimum specification must be double glazing and 16 mm polycarbonate. This means there will be very little to choose from under 2000.


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