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X Date Speed Dating Service in Major UK Cities, Meet Up to 30 People in One Night - A Must Try Event

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    About X Date

    This is how it works

    25 men & 25 women meet at a central location. They are paired off at tables for two, and given 3 minutes to get acquainted with each other.

    Each is given a card to keep track of the people they meet, and to decide if they would like to get to know the person further.

    After 3 minutes, the bell rings, if you like the person and want to get to know them further, mark your card.

    The guys then move on to the next table. This process continues until all the couples have met each other.

    A small break is taken mid way through.

    At the end of the evening you turn your card in and everyone has chance to mingle further.

    You will be notified within one day by e-mail if you have a match.


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