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    About Loopy Love

    LoopyLove is a great FREE to register online dating site.

    LoopyLove is different to other dating services on the web:
    We have no initial joining fee.

    We do not make you pay to use the site once you've signed up.
    We do this by showing you advertisements, sending you emails and collecting data that is of value to us or our advertisers.

    OK, we're all adults - we're meant to be sensible - and we probably don't need a lecture.

    However, experience tells us that there are some weird people out there so when using this site please bear in mind the following safety suggestions.
    Retain your anonymity
    This site allows individuals to contact each other without either party knowing the other's email address (or phone number etc.). If you're determined to try and put your email address or any other contact numbers in your tagline, description or any messages it's your call - just ask yourself if it's a good idea and if you're ready to divulge this information.

    Take your time
    Hopefully some time down the line using this site you will meet your match, and you will want to exchange email addresses or phone numbers. Until you get there though, we'd advise you to take your time. Send plenty of messages to your matches; ask them questions to make sure they're genuine; watch out for people posting offensive images, taglines, descriptions or messages.

    Use your blocking options
    This site has sophisticated blocking options which prevent anyone you don't like from seeing your details or contacting you again. If you see or read something you don't like rate the content using our offensiveness scale and - if you like - block that match and/or enter comments to tell us about their behaviour. We regularly review the number of blocks and any offensive content matches are posting to this site.

    Be careful if you meet up
    If you've found someone you like, taken the time to have in-depth conversations and/or contacted each other directly you might decide to meet up. Obviously, this is what this site is here for - you cannot experience everything online. However, be sensible. Meet somewhere where other people congregate; meet in a familiar setting; maybe take a friend along with you. As with most things in love and life, look carefully before you leap!

    We designed this site to be FREE, SAFE and SECURE. All transactions are recorded and time-stamped. If you suspect someone is behaving strangely, highly offensively or illegally, block them and tell us about it.


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