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Shipton & Heneage Quality English Shoes - ´Posh´ shoes at excellent prices, Superior quality Made in England

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    About Shipton And Heneage

    Why buy Shipton & Heneage shoes?

    • Durability - our shoes are built to last(*)

    • Comfort - the Goodyear welt accommodates your foot, making our shoes fit like a glove

    • Price - discounted prices (below)

    • Range - over 120 different styles of shoe, plus 25 models of slipper

    • Reputation - Trading for over 10 years and have been selling online for over 18 months

      * Unlike the quality shoes that the Italians love to boast about, S&H's benchmade shoes are more robust - they are, after all specifically designed to survive our English climate !

    About Us

      Shipton & Heneage Shoe Shop (UK) is the UK's largest dedicated, high quality mail order footwear provider.

      Established in 1989, we have now been providing footwear of the highest quality by mail order for over ten years.  Our traditional shoes are benchmade in Northamptonshire (UK), following a tradition established in the 18th Century and using the finest materials available.

    How & why do we save you so much money ?

    • by selling directly to the public

    • by not having expensive premises

    • we only sell by:

      • mail order

      • this website and

      • our showroom in Battersea

      ... by having low overheads, we are able to routinely save you up to 25% - 30% (i.e. up to £40 - £60+ per pair) off the price that you would normally pay in one of our highstreet-based competitors for footwear of comparable quality.


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