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    About Rohan

    Rohan is the original travel clothing company.

    Since the 1970s our clothing has been worn literally everywhere, fraternising in Indian Trains, birding on the Norfolk coast, grafting in the Antarctic (and the Arctic), behind the lens on safari, on business on Vancouver, labouring in Yorkshire cowsheds, stripping under the car and drifting in the Amazon.

    In fact, we're constantly surprised by what our customers get up to in our clothing.

    For Rohan, travel is a state of mind, not a state of motion: a stable state of mind which is about looking forward, outward, learning, applying, enjoying the world. And this state of mind shapes our thinking, our priorities, our uniqueness, our direction and our design.

    For Rohan, travel is a metaphor for how we live - a place where durability, thoughtful design, easy practicality and simplicity are values which make life richer and more rewarding.


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