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Gear Zone Outdoor camping and travel related clothing and equipment, Top Quality, Fast Free Delivery

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    About Gear Zone

    Trading successfully online since June 2001 and here to stay!

    GearZone is a brick and clicks business with a great experience in the outdoor scene. One of our Directors has been been trading for over 20 years in the outdoor industry from various locations in the UK, whilst our marketing director used to guide 23,000ft mountains in a previous life!

    GearZone is based in the Norfolk city of Norwich and has been providing online sales successfully since June 2001.

    GearZone supplies the best brands of outdoor equipment including the North Face , Berghaus, Karrimor, Craghopper, Vango, Terra Nova to mention a few.

    Our environmental policy: Where ever possible we try to use recycled postage packaging materials.

    Whilst we believe in the Internet as a sales medium we also understand that customers want to know that we are *real*. That's why on every page of our website you'll find our telephone number, give us a call and speak to our sales team about your outdoor equipment requirements.


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