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Extreme Pie Extreme Gear for Extreme Sports, The Home Store Of the Extreme TV Channel

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    About Extreme Pie

    Extremepie.com is the official shop for the Extreme Sports Channel. We sell the coolest most up to date surf/skate wear available anywhere on or offline.

    We've searched the world of surf, skate, bmx, etc…to bring the most cutting edge brands from across the globe. We've tried to mix it up between the big brands, that everyone has heard of like Quiksilver and the not so well known up and comers like Counter Culture.

    If there is a brand, which you want to see on extremepie.com which we don't have contact us on info@extremepie.com and we'll see what we can do. Equally if there is a specific product you can't find anywhere else then ask us, we've got excellent contacts in the industry, so if its out there we'll find it for you!

    Extreme was founded by Al Gosling in 1995 and has developed through a fundamental passion for extreme sports. We believe in doing things differently, offering people something new and giving real value for money. Extreme began by selling extreme sports TV shows to tv channels all over the world and then went onto launch the Extreme Sports Channel in May 1999 it then moved fast into a number of other areas with the Extreme brand, finding an area where we think we can make a difference and then doing it. Each of our fast moving companies is run by great people who are passionate, innovative, and equity driven. We give these teams the power to manage their businesses, listen to feedback and react quickly to ensure we deliver while having a laugh at the same time.

    The Extreme Sports Channel is the world's first television channel dedicated to extreme sports and lifestyle with 24 hour a day non-stop action from surfing to snowboarding and skating to bmxing. Offering more than just sport, the channel expresses a personality that is irreverent adventurous and rebellious, embodying the attitude and lifestyle of sports participants and fans worldwide. Launched in Amsterdam, May 1999, The Channel is now broadcasting in over fifty countries in eight languages www.extreme.com


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