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Bumps Designer Maternity Clothes at Affordable Prices for pregnant women

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    About Bumps

    Our story begins back in 1994, when I was pregnant with our first child. It did not take me long to realise the difficulty busy mums-to-be are having trying to buy stylish maternity clothes. Particularly if they are still at work and need to maintain a business image. So why not think about starting our own maternity wear business? The business seed was sown.

    The idea lay dormant until I was reminded about it again in '96 when my son Rhys came along. The initial concept started to form even more with a career move into Information Systems in '98. You see, I discovered the miracle of the Web, which was to be my business' womb and I was to nurture our business seed with my newfound knowledge.

    So before I consider changing shape yet again I will remedy this retail dilemma both for myself and hopefully many busy mums-to-be. Bumps aims to provide easy access, over the Web, to buy top quality maternity clothes, from around the world, which are both stylish and comfortable. This time I will be changing with style.

    So the idea may have been conceived back in '94 but the concept of Bumps Maternity Wear has now been delivered for you to experience in the comfort of your home. Quite apt that it starts in the new millennium even though it has gone through a very long gestation period!

    Enjoy the shopping!


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