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Boden and Mini Boden Great clothes for kids with 10% off your first order, free postage and packaging. Plus clothes for adults as well including Shirts, trousers, skirts, swimwear, nightwear, accessories & more, everything for the best dressed People!

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    About Boden

    • Boden was founded in 1991. We initially launched with just 8 menswear products. In 1994 we launched womenswear. Childrenswear (Mini Boden) followed in 1996. Our web site launched in April 1999. Today we employ over 300 hard working staff. We despatch over 2,000 orders every day from our warehouse

    1. The catalogue, small and tempting (quick, where's my cheque book), very attractive, with superb photography interior and exterior - compliments to the photographer and of course the copy, which is most amusing;


    3. The models - how encouraging to see real women, albeit high on the scale of looks, who do appear to be having fun while modeling.


    5. The clothes themselves - where do I start? Just wearing them cheers one up. I like the idea of continuity which allows a particular style to reappear in successive seasons, and certain colours to persist, enabling one to build up a wardrobe of classics. The price range is pretty well all-embracing. Above all, they come in size 8!

    Boden seems to epitomise le style anglais, which is a far more colourful and quirky mode of dressing than the fearsomely doctrinaire French take on it.


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