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Blooming Marvelous Maternity Wear Including Work & Evening Wear - Baby, Nursery and New Mum categories

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    About Blooming Marvelous

    Our Philosophy

    At Blooming Marvellous we understand how special it is to have a baby. We want to make every woman feel that we can help her to enjoy this experience to the full by providing the very best for her and her baby.

    Our Role

    We want to provide a wide choice of stylish, practical and good value maternity wear and children's wear, and the best in safe, innovative and stimulating nursery goods.

    Our Service

    We are fully aware of the importance to each woman of her pregnancy and her baby and the sense of uniqueness she experiences. We aim to be caring and helpful, sensitive and considerate, creative and efficient by offering the best possible service through mail order, our shops and the Internet.


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