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    how to order
    Click on the shopping zone of your choice e.g Toys, Gifts, or Appliances. Select from the category options e.g. action figures. To narrow your search ,select from the additional drop down menus as appropriate e.g action man.

    Once you have made your final selection, we'll display a range of products (in this case toys). If you can't see the product you want, click on the drop down menu and choose another category.


    Click on any image for more details.

    Click "enlarge image" to see a larger image of the product or "more information" to see further details.

    When you're happy with your selection, choose product options from the drop-down lists e.g. colour, size. We'll also confirm stock availability of your chosen item.

    Add to basket
    Once you have selected your product optionsyou are ready to confirm the quantity you require.
    The price of your order will be displayed in the adjacent box.Then click add to shopping basket.

    Shopping Basket
    You can view the item you have chosen to add to your shopping basket and amend or remove it if required.
    To amend your order
    To amend any details of your order, e.g. size, by clicking 'amend item'.
    To remove an item
    To remove an item from your shopping basket click 'remove item.'
    If you have been sent a promotion, enter the relevant code in the box provided and click ok.
    The promotion description will be displayed in the shopping basket before you confirm your order.

    Continue shopping or go to checkout
    You can click on continue shopping and add more items to your shopping basket or if your order is complete simply choose how you would like to pay for your order, either pay for your order by card, use your flexible account or apply for a flexible account.


    Don't worry; shopping is always safe at Index. In fact, Index guarantees the safety of your personal and payment card details. We also have a rigid Privacy Policy.

    Even better, shopping with Index is secure. We use industry standard encryption methods to deter would-be hackers. 'Encryption' turns your information into a special code that only Index computers can unscramble.
    At 'the checkout', your order is passed through a secure server from the shopping basket. As you enter 'the checkout', a payment form will appear on the screen. Fill in your details in the appropriate boxes. (e.g. your details, your address and your payment details). Remember, you don't have to keep filling in these forms. You can type in your details in the 'registration' section once and we'll remember them for your next visit. Click here to go to registration.

    Alternatively, tick the box underneath the 'safely submit order' and this will allow you to register once you have completed your order.

    Then, click on the 'safely submit order' button to securely send your order.

    Payment by debit or credit card
    Please note that when you pay by debit card, your payment will be taken at the time of ordering - not when the goods are delivered.
    Alternatively, if you pay by credit card, payment will usually be taken when we expect the goods to be delivered.

    If you don't have a flexible account, simply click the 'flexible account' logo on the right-hand side of your payment options to apply.


    Remember, whichever payment option you choose, you will pass through a secure server environment. that means your payment information is always safe and private.

    HINT: You can get to the shopping basket at any time by clicking this icon on the top of every page.

    Email confirmation of order
    After you've submitted your details we will:
    - Acknowledge receipt of your order by e-mail
    - Send a second e-mail to confirm stock availability of your goods and their delivery date.

    Delivery usually takes place within 24 hours of you placing your order. This may change depending on what you've ordered.


    Option 2 Keyword and catalogue number search
    If you know the catalogue number or type of product you would like, type it into the search box and click search.

    If you type in the catalogue number we will take you directly to the individual product page. If you are using a keyword, we’ll show you a range of categories e.g. cycles, keep fit, which match your keyword. You can then narrow your search by selecting further options.

    Option 3 Use the new order form if you have a list of catalogue numbers
    To make ordering even simpler, we have introduced a quick way for you to locate up to 12 catalogue numbers. We have called it order form and it is located on the top navigation bar above the shopping zones..

    Simply enter all of your catalogue numbers in the boxes provided and click continue.

    Once we have found all of your products we will display them in a list. Select the different options, and once you are happy click 'Confirm Order' button

    You can amend or remove any items from your shopping basket before proceeding to the checkout.


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