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    About Choc Express

    When we first started, back in 1993, our main challenge was to let everyone know that there was now an alternative to sending flowers and at that time, the name 'ChocExpress' summed it up very well.

    Ten years later, and thanks to your support, we have grown and changed enormously. The idea of delivered chocolates is now well established and we want to create a name for ourselves that sums up what our plans are for the next ten years. In short, we want to become the place to find the best and the most original chocolates in the world. Hotel Chocolat is this place... a destination... I hope we can travel there together!

    The secret of real chocolate
    It starts from an intimate knowledge of the cocoa bean... a unique crop which only thrives 20 degrees either side of the Equator. Its complex layers of flavour tell the story of the plantation, the climate, the species and the journey in stages from bitter bean to mellow, smooth, flavoursome chocolate.

    Something this noble deserves to be complemented by the best fillings, prepared freshly by the world’s master chocolatiers... soft truffles made with cream and fine liqueurs, generous manons and buttercreams to melt languorously on the tongue, melt-away ganaches with spine-tingling flavours...

    The secret of real chocolate... a simple, but rarely found, recipe:
    1 part strictly authentic ingredients and 1 part chocolatier flair.

    Giving chocolates from Hotel Chocolat is good for the soul... tasting them is a complete physical and emotional experience!

    The giving of chocolate
    Real, authentic chocolate, beautifully presented and ready to act as your ambassador... timeless and in the best of taste.
    A shared memory... the birthday of a good friend, an act of kindness, a hard-won success... giving chocolates from Hotel Chocolat makes you feel as good as your recipient.

    Always at your service... we can deliver on your behalf with your words inscribed in an accompanying card, or we can deliver to you so you can present yourself.

    In Ghana, the world’s second largest cocoa producing country, we make direct financial contributions to assist in local projects to rejuvenate old cocoa tree stock which boosts farmers’ income, and to improve the resources of the village schools so that education of cocoa farmers’ children is given a better chance of succeeding.

    An ethical approach
    The vast majority of the world cocoa bean crop is grown in third world countries. Clearly there is a massive disparity between the plantation workers and the relatively well-off western consumers who enjoy the final product (us!).

    "Although we are only a small player in the global chocolate market, we are determined to do something to bridge the gap between the plantation growers and we who love and appreciate good chocolate."


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