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Work & Travel allows university students to work in the US or Other Countries during The summer holidays

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    Through CIEE's cultural exchange programmes you can work, study, travel, teach and learn abroad. No matter where you go, our international opportunities can provide the overseas adventure of a lifetime. Choose a programme to find out more about the world of opportunity available to you and live it for yourself!

    We are experts in our field. Established in 1947, CIEE (the Council on International Educational Exchange) is a world-leader in language learning and cultural exchange services. Over the years, many hundreds of thousands of satisfied students and parents have benefited from CIEE's range of services.

    In 2000 alone, we helped more than 50,000 high school and university students to grow personally and to develop their potential on a wide variety of exchange programmes across the globe. CIEE staff are highly trained, and are devoted to helping people to acquire knowledge and develop global skills for living in a culturally diverse world.


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