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    Jobserve has provided a new simplified Search Builder to create filters for its enhanced search facility to provide more accurate results faster than ever. Simply type in a keyword (position, skill or location) and choose whether the advert must, must not or might contain the keyword.

    Jobserve is the most successful recruitment site of its kind. IT Recruitment agencies send us details of their latest requirements and we post the details onto our web site and keep them there for 5 working days. We also generate a neatly formatted list of all new jobs received that day and send it out, overnight by electronic mail, to anyone who has requested it.

    The search engine is intuitive and simple to use. The "jobs by email" message can be individually "filtered" so that the copy you receive only contains the types of requirements you are interested in. For example, if you are only interested in JAVA positions in the South-East of England you will only be sent details about JAVA positions in the South-East of England.

     We have been producing an IT Jobserve every weekday for over six years - the first issue was distributed on Wednesday, 4 May 1994 and there has been a new issue every weekday ever since. The IT site is now regularly used by over 1,800 different agencies and each issue usually contains more than 10,500 new requirements, often considerably more.

    If you have access to the World Wide Web or if you can send and receive electronic mail to and from an Internet email address you can receive Jobserve completely free of charge. To receive "jobs by email" simply send a blank email message to:


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