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Jobs Unlimited  Includes How to Negotiate Your New Salary as well as thousands of job vacancies

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    About Jobs Unlimited

    Where you can find every job posted in the Guardian and the Observer, plus many more online-only job ads. This page provides a brief introduction to the site's main features. If you are new to the site, it's a good idea to browse our Help section.

    Browsing and searching

    There are several ways to find the vacancies that interest you most.

    1. If you are interested in the Media, Society or Education sectors, we have special sites for these sectors where you'll find vacancies organised in a way that suits you (it's essentially like browsing through the ads in the relevant sector of the Guardian newspaper). Go to:

    2. You can also browse by sector by clicking on one of the sector links on the homepage of Guardian Unlimited Jobs. Each link will take you to a page where you can search for jobs within that sector.

    3. You can search the entire jobs site by keyword, or by using our Detailed search.
    Help with browsing and searching


    Guardian Unlimited Jobs has a separate registration system. This is to ensure maximum security for our users. You don't have to register to search and browse job vacancies on Guardian Unlimited Jobs. However, you will need to register in order to use our jobs tools, even if you have registered with the Guardian Unlimited network in the past (to use our talkboards, for example).

    You can use the same username and password if you wish (providing no other Guardian Unlimited Jobs user has already selected it). When you register for Guardian Unlimited Jobs, the information will be stored separately from our user database for the rest of Guardian Unlimited.
    Help with registration

    Storing profiles and CVs

    You can store your profile online, choose to make it searchable by employers, and attach your CV to it. If employers are interested in your profile they can then download and read your CV. You can store an unlimited number of profiles and CVs, allowing you to highlight your most relevant skills and experience.
    Help with profiles and CVs

    Saved searches

    Once you have found a job you are interested in, you can save the job for a later date. If you have set up a detailed search which you would like to use again, you can store the relevant information on your own personal saved searches page.
    Help with saved searches

    Applying online

    With Guardian Unlimited Jobs, you can save your CV online, attach it to your profile, and choose to make your profile searchable by employers. You can also apply for jobs online if the employer has included an email address with their ad.
    Help with profiles and CVs

    A-Z of employers

    All the companies who advertise in our database can be found in our A-Z of employers. It's a very straightforward page to browse, just scroll down the alphabetical list of companies and view the total number of vacancies they are currently advertising with Guardian Unlimited Jobs.
    A-Z of employers

    Recruitment consultants

    This section provides links to the top recruitment consultants by sector. Many of them will offer online registration and vacancies.
    Recruitment consultants


    Rise is our weekly editorial section for new graduates, offering advice on everything from entering the jobs market to becoming a consultant in your field.

    Office hours

    Office hours is our editorial section for secretarial staff: the world of work, from air-conditioners to pay negotiations.
    Office hours

    Information for employers

    Who to contact if you have a vacancy to fill and the different packages on offer.
    Information for employers and advertisers

    About Workthing

    Dotted around the site, you'll see statements such as 'Powered by Workthing'. Workthing is our technology partner - they have provided a lot of the software which allows you to search for, save and apply for vacancies. Put simply, the vacancies and editorial come from Guardian Unlimited, the Guardian and the Observer, while the technology is provided by Workthing.



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