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    About Childworks

    Key Objectives

    To eliminate waste in the childcare industry by providing childcare providers with a platform where they can network effectively, learn from each other and refrain from reinventing the wheel!

    To enable childcare providers to tap into the potential of the Internet to enhance the quality of their services.

    To provide a comprehensive range of high quality, affordable tools, services and products that childcare and education providers can utilise to improve the effectiveness of their service.

    To provide childcare providers with information and resources, that they can use to support parents

    Our Background

    We strongly believe that a happy childhood is the best gift any parent or professional can bestow on their child. Our Team brings together twenty years experience in childcare, education and business to business services.

    The quality of childhood is highly dependent on the adults who care for the child. Most adults with children in their care want to do the best for them. However too often the tools and resources required to carry out this important job are not readily available.

    Childworks proposes to target childcare and education providers (e.g. childminders, nurseries, schools, out of school clubs, pre-schools and playgroups, supplementary schools, and parents) to provide a range of affordable, innovative, high quality products and services, that will make their jobs easier and more rewarding.

    Humans have been caring for and educating children for millions of years, and while we recognise that the development of every child is unique, we believe that carers and educators can learn from others experiences and they certainly do not need to re-invent the wheel!


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