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Vista Print feature offer of 250 FREE business cards, you only pay the postage

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    About Vista Print

    Our mission is simple. We want to provide premium quality printing for everyone. We want to make it convenient for everyone. We want to make it affordable for everyone.

    Think about it. Why is printing so expensive? The answer is easy: traditional printing methods are fraught with waste and inefficiencies and have not changed for hundreds of years. Although technology has made incremental improvements to the industry, it has not changed the way we buy printing. It has not streamlined traditional printing methods to the point of reducing costs and making printing affordable for everybody. The result? You usually end up paying through the nose, especially for small print jobs like business cards, postcards, folders and invitations.

    Much in the same way that Ford, Starbucks, FedEx, and Staples revolutionized their industries and changed the competitive landscape, VistaPrint is shocking the printing industry to its core. Through the Internet and our own innovative technologies, we are eliminating the needless waste and inefficiencies of traditional low volume printing, providing our customers with double-barreled benefits:

    Just as obtaining cash became more convenient with self-service ATMs, and obtaining gasoline became more convenient with self-service gas pumps (how did we ever live without these things), VistaPrint has made self-service printing a global reality.

    How does it work? It's really very simple. You conveniently order your custom printing right on our web site. We offer business cards, postcards, letterhead, invitations and much more. You can select from hundreds of ready-made, full-color designs in our content library and personalize your design with your own custom text. If you are a bit more adventurous, you can take one of our existing designs and customize it. Or if you have your own design that is all set to go, then just upload it. We'll print it, and we'll do it for a great price.

    When you place your order, your design flows directly from your desktop through our patented VistaBridgeTM system and eventually rolls off our $400,000 printer (maybe not as fast as your desktop printer but almost as fast). It's that simple. No more driving to the designer. No more haggling with a printer. No more standing in line. You don't even have to leave the comfort of home. Your order is printed in full color on premium quality card stock and shipped right to your door in the quantity you select. It's easy. It's quick. It's even fun.

    Outrageous Value
    The massive reach of the Internet enables us to acquire and print a huge number of orders, reducing our costs and saving our customers as much as 80 percent over traditional printers. Yes, that's right, 80 percent! VistaPrint is simply the best value in the printing industry.

    Who purchases products from VistaPrint?

    The tremendous quality, convenience and savings we offer makes our business printing site a valuable resource for small and medium sized businesses around the world. We also offer a "family printing" site where consumers can order high-quality, personalized printing in small quantities, including invitations, announcements, thank you cards and address labels.

    What is this FREE business card phenomenon I've been hearing about?

    VistaPrint is the first and only printer to offer business cards for free, charging only a small fee to cover shipping and handling. The quality? We offer top-quality, full-color business cards printed on thick, 100 lb. card stock. Since similar cards can cost as much as $179.00, this gift offer is simply one of the most valuable found anywhere, on or off the Web.

    VistaPrint is so confident you will love our business cards, that we hope you will think of us for all of your printing needs, including letterhead, folders, postcards, address labels and invitations. Want to test us out? Give it a shot. We know you'll be sold.
    Order FREE business cards now.

    How the heck can it be FREE? How can you stay in business?

    Because we print so many orders, our printing and supply costs are very low. In addition, we remain the only printer in the world with a highly advanced "print bridge" technology, a revolutionary printing process that aggregates orders and further reduces our production costs. Finally, because our site is self-service, you avoid "layout" costs, which can account for up to 30 percent of traditional printing prices (no more expensive middle men to pay).

    VistaPrint is no fly-by-night dotcom company. We are a well-established, reliable, and professional printing company that offers our customers the ability to easily buy printing over the Internet. We offer you the highest standards in
    Privacy and Online Security.

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