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    Established in 1901, Linguaphone was a pioneer in self-study language learning and first to recognise the potential of the wax cylinder and later records. Linguaphone courses allowed language learners to study at their own pace using original recordings supported by Linguaphone's proven methodology: 'Listen, Understand, Speak'. In both the classroom and via its self-study programmes, Linguaphone has played a dominant role in language-learning across the globe ever since. Our international network has always included a selection of subsidiary, joint venture and third-party distribution companies. The network was first expanded during the 1930's and today Linguaphone sells its products in over 60 countries.

    A substantial investment programme over recent years has strengthened Linguaphone's position as the leading global language learning company. Since the creation of the UK website in 1998, Internet marketing has grown to become a significant part of UK operations. Versions for a selection of markets across the world are now accessible via our group homepage at Linguaphone is leading the way with an array of online services and courses that can be used both stand-alone and in tandem with our offline learning materials.

    Recent developments in a number of new offline products are for those who like to supplement their e-learning with traditional materials or simply prefer learning via portable audio and book materials. For those wanting to make the most of their free time while travelling (or perhaps stuck in a traffic jam!), for example, our new allTalk range provides an innovative approach to hands-free learning. Linguaphone will continue to seek to provide the learner with a range of complimentary options for online and offline study.


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