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    About Inland Revenue

    Welcome to the Inland Revenue web site - featuring news and information on tax and national insurance matters in the United Kingdom.

    The Inland Revenue's Core Purpose is to ensure that everyone understands and receives what they are entitled to and understands and pays what they owe, so that everyone contributes to the UK's needs. In delivering our core purpose, the Inland Revenue is responsible, under the overall direction of Treasury Ministers, for the efficient administration of direct taxes plus tax credits, child benefit, national insurance contributions and stamp duties together with the collection of student loans and National Minimum Wage enforcement.

    Internet Service for Self Assessment Sending your tax return over the internet offers you automatic calculation of tax and faster repayments. It's quick, convenient, and secure.

    #Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit The new tax credits website tells you whether you qualify for tax credits, tells you how much you could get and allows you to claim online.

    Internet Service for PAYE This service enables employers, agents and payroll bureaux to send and receive a range of forms and returns over the internet.


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