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Telewest broadband is 10 times faster than a standard 56.6k telephone modem and combine digital tV, Telephone service and great value internet connection in one package in the Telewest Areas of the UK

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    About Telewest

    Telewest Communications, the Broadband communications and media group, currently passes 4.9 million homes and provides multichannel television, telephone and internet services to 1.72 million UK households, and voice and data telecommunications services to around 70,000 business customers. Its content division, Flextech, is the BBC's partner in UKTV. Together they are the largest supplier of basic channels to the UK pay-TV market with a portfolio that combines wholly owned and managed channels, including the eleven joint venture channels with the BBC.

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    Talk Unlimited

    Data solutions:
    Digital Subscriber Lines, Enterprise Connect, IPVPN, LAN Extension, Private Circuits

    Internet solutions:
    Digital Subscriber Lines, Internet Leased Lines, Managed Internet Services

    Voice Solutions:
    Business Exchange Lines, ISDN, Centrex, Indirect Access, Conferencing Products, Special Rate Services

    Wholly owned channels:
    Trouble, Trouble Reload, Bravo, Bravo+1, Ftn, LivingTV, LivingTV+1 & Challenge?

    UKTV channels:
    UK Gold, UK Gold+1, UK Gold 2, UK Horizons, UK Horizons +1, UK Style, UK Style+1, UK Drama, UK History, UK Food & UK Bright Ideas


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