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    How does the thought of buying or selling at auction grab you? For many, it remains a worrying prospect, largely thanks to inaccurate tales of woe.  But the fears are unfounded, especially if you use a reputable auction house.

    Auction houses are there to serve the buyer and seller as well as possible.  Scratching the ear won't mean you have bought a lot you never wanted.  Selling won't mean disposing of your choicest items at give-away prices.

    The past 20 years have seen a major revolution when it comes to model collecting.  There was a time when shops catering for collectors were few and far between.  The swapmeet emerged - at first truly a swapmeet, before it became an arena for buying and selling.

    Manufacturers have responded to the changing times: once models were an adjunct to the toy industry; now the reverse is true, and indeed many cater solely for the collector.

    Magazines have come; some have gone.

    And the auction has emerged as an alternative means of buying and selling. But just how easy is it?

    Vectis Auctions is now one of the the foremost names in the world when it comes to the auction of toys.


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