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    Preloved allows you to buy and sell just about anything, completely free of charge. We have over 500 categories, with thousands of items from nearly new to really old. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for right now, set an ad alert and we will continue searching for you, informing you by email as soon as something comes up that might be of interest.

    However, Preloved is not just about our adverts. What makes Preloved unique is the opportunity it provides for enthusiasts and collectors to gather together as a community. Bargain Banter, our discussion forum, is full of people looking to share their knowledge and experience in buying, selling and maintaining their pride and joy.

    Need a car for round town, but can't choose between the Mini or the Fiat 126? Trying to choose the best caravan to travel the countryside, a yacht to explore the coast? Visit our Readers Review section to find out about these products from the people who know them the best - the people that have owned them.


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