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Fine Art Guild Quarterly Online and offline art publication for the fine art trade association

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    About Art Guild

    The Fine Art Trade Guild is a Trade Association that reflects the needs, hopes and aspirations of the members and potential members. It exists to :

    Promote members' commercial interests by helping them to increase turnover and profit
    Inform members of industry developments, new products, services and the best professional practices
    Develop the size of the picture industry by stimulating consumer demand and creating and communicating quality standards.

    Its objects, in summary, are:

    1. To promote the consideration and discussion of all questions affecting the trade in Fine Art Pictures, Picture Framing, Picture Restoration and Artists' Materials and to develop and pursue policies which will promote and protect the interests of the Trade.
    2. To promote excellence and just and honourable practice in the conduct of business and to promote and enforce a code of ethics, with appropriate levels of arbitration to settle disputes.
    3. To originate and promote improvements in laws and statutory administration affecting the industry.
    4. To improve the technical and general knowledge of those engaged or about to engage in the industry, assisting with or promoting training and relevant qualifications.
    5. To promote the commercial interests of its Members.
    6. To educate and inform the trade, wider business and consumers on all matters affecting the industry.
    7. To establish or co-operate with others to establish associations with similar objects to those of the Fine Art Trade Guild and to work in close association with them.
    8. To provide facilities for social contact between Members of the Guild and its associates, and their friends.


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