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Name   Category   Makes

1988 3rd Place: Gloria Heeter's Best Gingerbr   Cookies; Holiday 24 Servings
Beef In Costume For Halloween   Halloween 1 Servings
Black Cat Cupcakes   Holiday/; Halloween 24 Servings
Candied Apples For Halloween   Candies 10 Servings
Cat Poop Cookies   Cookies 1 servings
Colcannon (Traditional Irish Dish)   Vegetables; Main Dish 1 Servings
Double Delicious Halloween Bars   Halloween 6 Servings
Easy Halloween Pudding   Desserts; Tofu; Vegetarian 4 servings
Ghostly Green Brew   New; Text; Import 4 Servings
Halloween Black Cat Cookies   Desserts; Halloween 1 Servings
Halloween Chili   Halloween 1 Servings
Halloween Face Paint   Halloween 1 Servings
Halloween Hash   Halloween 1 Servings
Halloween Jack - O - Lantern Frosties   Halloween; Beverage 1 Servings
Halloween Makeup   Halloween 1 Servings
Halloween Snack Mix   Halloween 1 Servings
Halloween Spiders   Halloween 1 Servings
Halloween Apples On A Stick   Candies 6 Servings
Halloween Crisp Candy Corn Treats   Snacks; Halloween 1 Servings
Halloween Drinks   New; Text; Import 4 Servings
Halloween Frosting *   Frostings; Holidays; Chocolate 1 Servings
Halloween Haystacks   Popcorn; Holiday; Microwave; Kids; Misc 24 Servings
Halloween Meatloaf Mice   Misc 4 servings
Halloween Party Pops   Holiday; Cookies; Halloween 20 Servings
Halloween Pizza   Main Dish; Party; Halloween 2 Servings
Halloween Popcorn Grunch   Snacks; Popcorn; Halloween 10 Cups
Halloween Pumpkin-Shaped Cake   Cakes; Kids; Holidays 1 Cake
Halloween Punch   Beverages; Non-Alcohol; Alcohol 1 Recipe
Halloween Spider Cake   Cakes; Kids; Holidays 1 Cakes
Halloween Truffles   Candies; Halloween 1 Servings
Halloween: Crispy Marshmallow Ghosts   Candies; Halloween 14 Ghosts
Halloween: Ghostly Cupcakes   Cakes; Halloween 6 Ghosts
Halloween: Goblin Balls   Candies; Halloween 24 Balls
Halloween: Green Slime   Dips; Halloween 2 Cups
Halloween: Pallor Icing   Icing; Halloween 2 Cups
Halloween: Scary "Goulade"   Beverages; Halloween 12 Servings
Halloween: Skeleton Bread   Breads; Halloween 1 Small loaf
Haunting Halloween Hero   Sandwiches 6 Servings
Hearty Halloween Soup   Soups; Poultry 6 Serving
Licorice Caramels   Candies 6 Servings
Litterbox Cookies   New; Text; Import 4 Servings
Miffs Spicy Pumpkin Soup   Vegetarian 2 Servings
Molded Cheese Treats (Wilton)   Desserts; Holiday 1 servings
Pecan Cashew Popcorn Balls   Snacks; Holidays; Nuts; Popcorn 1 servings
Penn & Teller Dessert   Desserts; Halloween 1 Servings
Potty Jello   New; Text; Import 1 Servings
Potty Jello Etc   New; Text; Import 4 Servings
Pumpkin Cheese Soup   Soups; Usenet 6 servings
Salted Pumpkin Seeds   Snacks; Diabetic 8 servings
Squashed Frogs For Halloween   Halloween 1 Servings
Strained Eyeballs   Halloween 6 Servings
Suksessterte   Cake; Desserts 1 Cake
Tuna Spooks   Main Dish; Seafood; Sandwiches 10 Servings

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