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Cyclops Totally legal drivers speed camera aid using GPS technology to warn of UK radar speed traps. Visit Site


Frequently Asked Questions - General

Is Cyclops legal? GPS driver safety systems are fully legal in the UK.
Does Cyclops have to be permanently attached? No, Cyclops simply attaches to the dashboard with Velcro strips or sticky mat and plugs into the cigarette light socket. It can be fitted and removed in seconds.
Can I hard-wire the unit into my vehicle? Yes, a hard-wire kit with in-line fuse, 3 metre power cable and jack is available.
Can I run other equipment in my vehicle at the same time? Yes, a multi-socket cigar power cable is available to run two electrical accessories at any time.
Does Cyclops provide alerts for all speed detector devices? No, Cyclops will not provide alerts for traffic light cameras, traffic flow sensors, mobile speed detector vans or hand held radar detectors.
Does my vehicle need an external GPS antenna? Some vehicles may be fitted with either a heated front windscreen or metallicised windscreen that can affect the performance of the integral GPS antenna. An external, weather proof, GPS antenna is available as an accessory to plug into the external antenna socket on the rear of the unit. See also FAQ on External GPS Antennae
Can I use my Cyclops abroad? Legislation varies by country. It is the user’s responsibility to check before using Cyclops abroad. Please note that the Cyclops database includes UK mainland data only. However generic functions such as Heading, Limiter and Visible satellite display modes will remain operational.

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