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Hyper OS It allows you up 20 windows operating systems on 1 hard drive (computer). Visit Site

HyperOs2003 Box Shot

The world´s most advanced operating system manager & multiplier. What does that do you may ask? It allows you up 20 windows operating systems on 1 hard drive (computer). You can back-up and restore whole windows systems very quickly & switch between systems at the click of a mouse. If a windows systems crashes beyond repair, you can restore a copy of that system in minutes and be back where you started - no tedious reinstallation necessary!

This is a great application for anyone who is a heavy computer user from web designers, gamers, music makers, businesses and anyone looking to overcome problems such as overloading their 1 operating system computer, driver conflicts and who want multiple windows operating systems of different types on their computer. HyperOS allows the user to maximise the potential of their hardware and load a lot more software than a one windows systems would ever allow


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