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Computer Books  Save money on Computer, Internet and general IT books including Microsoft and Cisco training sets, thousands of computer and technology books to choose from online at Computer Books. Visit Site

A comprehensive book search that focuses on keywords will take the whole word and see if it can locate that word within the section in the database. The more words that are used, the more the search engine can focus in on the particular titles you are looking for. 
For example, a search using the keyword Excel brings up over 250 titles, however a search on Excel 2000 brings up 30 titles. Care must be taken with spelling and shortened words; just because your search has come up with no results does not mean the book is not in our database. Try a different keyword from within the title, or use the detailed search to search on different criteria that you know about a book.

Additional Search Tips

  • Pick words to search on that uniquely identify the book as much as possible.
  • Leaving a space between words will only display titles which contain both these words.
  • Placing the word OR between words will display titles which contain either of the words in the title.
  • If you are not fully sure how a word is spelt, use wildcards in place of the letters you are unsure of. 
  • * Can be used in place of one or more characters. 
  • ? can be used in place of one character.


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