RCFII Patient Page 

Dear, well, you know the rest,

Welcome to the PATIENT PAGE, were you can read about our, err,  patients!

Have fun,


Number 1.

1/(7thAug2001) Sid the Spider has a broken leg, he is being cared for by our staff and is making a good recovery. We expect his release date to be very soon, probably early September. Our planned release zone for him is Our garden, near the pond. Update: (15th Aug2001) Sid is actually a girl and has a nest of baby spiders, she is already released in the Garden Home, and we will continue to monitor from a distance. Update: (28th Aug2001) Fully recovered, mother & babies spinning, lots of new webs for them! HOORAY! Update: (6th Dec 2001) As I was inspecting the nest site, I also found a nest of shield bugs. 

 Number 2.

2/(7thAug2001) Sally the Snail has been attacked by a Bird, leaving her with a seriously damaged shell. Presently its touch and go for Sally, although she did eat a leaf today. Release for Sally is not likely until October at the best. Fingers crossed and we have passed on your kind messages. Update (15th Aug2001) she's eating well and making good progress. Update (28th Aug2001) Shell has almost healed, eating well, playing and should be ready for release very soon. Update (25th Nov) We expected her to be off sooner, but luckily...     ...Healed shell, off, with a sensational glow in her misty eye!

Number 3.

3/(7thAug2001) Gary the Grasshopper who has a fractured leg, is currently living in our garden, by the Strawberry plants. He has recently started hopping about and making some VERY loud chirps. He is feeding on Aphids constantly! Full release from our garden due next Saturday given current progress. Update (15th Aug2001) Release went well and he's gone! Good luck Gary!

Number 4.

4/(15thAug2001) Chelsea the Cricket arrived today, in  a bad condition having lost a back leg. She is being cared for and is very comfortable, once she has learnt to hop one legged, we will release her back into the wild. Update (28th Aug2001) Chelsea has mastered one legged hops, partly released, but keeps coming back. Update (25th Nov) Sadly, we will never see this cricket again. On a happier note, release a day to remember, SHE WENT WITHOUT LOOKING BACK!!!!!!!YES!!!!! 

Number 5.

5/(28th Aug2001) Claire the Caterpillar was found yesterday, she's the worst case we've seen of Bird Mauling, she's in our intensive care cardboard box at present, and is feeling very sorry for herself, not eating yet, updates to follow. Update (25th Nov) Can you guess what happened? Fly, Claire, Fly!!!

 Number 6

 6)(6th Dec 2001) Sadly, when we found them, Lotto, Bow,  Chow and D J Tomas (don't ask) were all that survived through the autumn. When they arrived at the RCFII aka Re (Yahoo)