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New EntryAnnabelles friend the same morning (she never used the Pure and SImple cure)

Annabelle enjoying a game of golf the day after a real heavy drinking sessionThis months New Entry is from Annabelle and is called "Pure and Simple"




PS Last months cure got voted down 100 to 12! OK it was a bit odd and according to a number of people who took the trouble to write in a bit perverted! We're confident this months entry is good.


Pure And Simple

OK for all the real drinkers out there who want a cure that really works try this!

Go out have a great time and drink yourself stupid, now to prevent a hangover the next morning follow this simple 5 point plan.

1. Drink one large glass of water (mineral water is best)

2. Spend 5 minutes vigorously exercising (i'm sure you can think of something)

3. Drink one large glass of water (again mineral water is best)

4. Spend 5 minutes exercising (not so vigorous this time :) )

5. Drink one small glass of pure fruit juice (grapefruit is the best)

I guarantee the next morning you'll feel great!

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The Top Cures

Eat a bag of skips. The saltiness of them instantly makes you feel much better, and the strong prawn flavour removes that manky taste you always have in your mouth


Popping Slush Candy
Clip art sucksO.K. this one is pretty sweeet! What you need is a Slush Puppy or Slush Puppy equivalent preferably large size and a spoon, yes a straw will not do! Get yourself a spoon and then purchase or acquire some popping candy, the stuff that pops and jumps on your tongue. Now the procedure: Pour a generous amount of popping candy on to your tongue and quickly spoon three spoons of Slush into your gob! Its an absolute mind blower and guaranteed to take your mind off that horrid hangover.
N.B. Do not attempt to eat more than three spoonfuls of slush at a time as this will initiate brain freeze!


The Fastest Cure...

Really hangovers will truly vaporize using the Swedish style... When u get up (it doesn't matter if its early or not) u let someone take you to the local beauty farm (because your still drunk as hell) get yourself sweaty in the sauna for about 10-15 minutes, jump into the freezing water afterwards and look, only after half an hour you got up, your hangover is already disappeared!


Dr P + Frappucinno

While you're still in bed sip ice cold Dr Pepper. Then when you feel you can get up and move about without fainting or getting head-rushes, go to Starbucks and have a Mocha Frappucinno (iced coffee) and ask for extra Mocha sauce.
The combined effects of Caffeine, Sugar plus the E-numbers from the Dr P would get you banned from the Olympics!!



50/50 Tequila and Tabasco sauce in a shot glass. Clear the head like a shotgun   


Magic Bru

Bottle of Irn Bru, 1 Lime, Plenty of ice. Put ice into glass, cut up lime, squeeze over ice, then throw the rest in, add Irn Bru. Drink. Feel better. Can be accompanied by monster bag of prawn cocktail skip if stomach can handle it


Crazy Bob's Cure

Food is good - Beer is good - Mornings are bad

Before you go to bed (or hit the floor), eat a very large plate of Nachos chips with cheese and a lot of jalapeno peppers Drink a large glass of water with this


Fizzy Bread
I'm not trying it - this stuff does you in when you're sober.Lucozade and bread works a treat. It makes your stomach feel much better and clears your head. Ready for another day and night of drinking!



American Pies

Kiss it!!Here in America, we invent things to solve our problems. Hence, we have a beverage called Gatorade, a sports drink that restores electrolytes. It works, but not as well as a very large greasy breakfast involving several kinds of fried things



Bert's Banana Thingy

1. Get yourself up to the supermarket. You might be best doing this stage in advance of sauce consumption.
2. Buy a banana, a pint of milk and a small jar of runny honey.
3. Cut up the banana, and lob it in a blender with the milk and a spoonful
or two of honey.
4. Mix it all up into a nice milkshake.
5. Drink.

And now the explanation. The milk will help to settle your stomach, the honey will
provide an instant lift due to its sugar content (and in fact, to back this
up, research has just come out suggesting it's just as effective as isotonic
sports drinks in doing this), and the banana will release sugars at a
sustained rate to keep you up after the honey's effect has faded


Doctors Orders

Melissas Proven Cure Before you have your wild night out drinking and partying, eat some food, drink water to pre-hydrate, take your vitamins as usual, but ESPECIALLY take a B-complex (B vitamins are water soluble for the most part so you need to replenish them in the diet every day. any excess will be excreted through the urine).

Now you can DRINK, and oh man. drink a lot! and smoke a pack of cigs while your at it, and mix your alcohols (drink all different kinds, especially ones which come in plastic bottles), and stay up until you can hear birds chirping, don't drink any water, just to make sure your hangover will be in full effect come Saturday. (if you don't want to be nearly as hangover, then
do the exact opposite of what ever was mentioned in this paragraph!!)

OK so your home and stumbling and your wondering if those damn B-vitamins are actually doing anything in your tired, dehydrated, pitiful self. DRINK WATER. EAT something light, like half a banana (any sugars you put in your body can really help re-hydrate you-It's an osmotic balance thing!)

Now sleep...well try to sleep (you will not be able to get a good nights rest alcohol inhibits rapid eye movement in sleep, which helps you feel rested.

Now drag your sorry ass out of bed. EAT BREAKFAST. I recommend, eggs, toast, water, strawberries, and some applesauce oh ya and my secret to an even better hung-over morning is CHOCOLATE. oh really helps...well I think it does. Anyway- do NOT drink coffee...I know you really want to, but it will dehydrate you even more and make you feel like shit TRUST me. Now take your B-complex vitamin again, and possibly a vitamin C, E, garlic, and anything else you might want to enhance your immune system. Drink more water.

Now GO BACK TO SLEEP. I know it's Saturday and you have shit to do ..but man your body needs to rest while all those vitamins are kicking around! When you wake up you'll feel better. I promise.

Now if you don't have time for all this healthy getting better stuff, then make sure you take the B-complex and drink a lot of water before you drink. That is the best thing you can do. -have fun and be safe out there!


Ice Cream & Tea - Yummmeee!!!

On arriving home drink 2 pints of strong Tea (or Coffee if your out of PG) make the drink as sweet as possible, now for the tough part, eat a family sized container of Ice Cream (Tesco's Stripy Brand for best results but any Ice Cream will do the job)

Follow this simple advice and never fear the morning after again!!




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