Extreme Car Stickers

Extreme Car Stickers
Thirty Eight Calibre Bullet Holes
Bullet Holes in Glass
Jurassic Damage Stickers
Rapid Fire Bullet Holes  


Bagged 4 X 4

Rapid Fire Bullet Holes

As if you've been raked by sub machine gun fire.

.22 Calibre Bullet Holes

Someone took a pot shot at me!

Glass Impact Bullet Holes

Smashing windscreen stickers.

Jurassic Damage

You bred 'Raptors??

4 removable bullet hole stickers. All weather washable vinyl. Each sheet 15x10cm (6"x4").

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Paintball splats


NEW Paintball Splats

Colourful splats that make it look as if you have been hit a by paintballer.

After decorating leave the splats around to make people think you have spilt your paint.

Brightly coloured fun from Hardley Dangerous available in the UK from SillyJokes.


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