Top 25 Webmasters Resources

1) Email 2,500,000+ Recipients DAILY!
# 100% targeted and SPAM FREE advertising INCREASE YOUR SALES by 1200% GUARANTEED!

2) AdBlaster submits to 2,500,000+ Sites
AdBlaster blasts to 2,500,000+ Websites with just 1 click! great reseller system! 50%

3) Safelist Autosubmission Software!
# Safelist-Mailer Software submits to 1.000.000 Recipients at the press of just 1 button!

4) 1 million FREE visitors on your website
Since 2 years, I bought,read,tested every book about FREE advertising. Stop believing anyone - You can lose your shirt !

5) '2Bucks' an Ad Advertising program.
Ads in multiple ezines for $2 each (or less! Subscriber base 780.000+ - 131 ezines (Sep. 2002) - Commissions 50%

THE WEB PROMOTION REVOLUTION: 14 safelists, Email 80 million recipients, FFA Autosubmission!

7) E-MarketingMania
Email 10 MILLION DAILY! 100% opt-in - Complete Marketing Tools for all your Marketing Needs!

8) Bulk Email Service
E-Mail 70 MILLION! Plus Products & Services for Internet Marketers.

9) eBusiness Center
Two Amazing Web Marketing Courses for only $9.97!

10) The Ultimate Edge
Blast your Ad to 15 Million Web Sites! Email 100,000 prospects per month with One Click! Resellers earn 50%

11) Free to Sell eBooks - keep every cent you make for life!
The Original eBook Package still the BEST!

Auto Submit to 150+ Safelists! 1 Click! No Validating! 100% Set It & Forget It Spam FREE Mailing!

13) E-Book Compiler Software
Unlimited FREE Advertising & Money Pouring In 24 hours a day by creating your own eBooks! (Free software download)

14) Profits Vault
How to Sell 300% More of YOUR Product in 72 Hours Than You Did All Month!

15) FreeAdBoard - Post Your Ad for FREE!
Get Your Own Free Ad Board & Get Paid!

16) Super Promoter
Email over 2,500,000 EVERY DAY. Earn hundreds of $ DAILY as a reseller!

17) Free Advertising System
How to get thousands of other people selling your product and never pay for advertising again!

18) Page Zero Media - SEO/Design Consulting
Page Zero Media is a Toronto-based consultancy offering search engine marketing, site design, and related services.

19) Power Linking Your Way to 1 Million Hits
Proven, quality traffic for years to come from a brand new system created by Webmaster Traffic

20) Clicks 2 You
We deliver guaranteed traffic to your web site fast!

21) Free Groceries Using Manuf. Vouchers!
Earn money selling this very popular ebook. Appeals to all customers (everyone buys groceries)

22) Opt-In Automator
Double Your Opt-In Rate with One Simple Program.

23) EzineAdBARGAIN Advertising Coop
Your Ad seen by 100,000+ for only $8.77!

24) The first 1:1 banner-exchange that PAYS!
The first REALLY profitable and FAIR banner exchange that PAYS its members!

25) Smith Enterprises
Get 10,000 REAL Visitors! Just $22.95! Affiliates Get A $50.00 Bonus!



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