Wacky & Weird   

  1. Alan Partridge  Dedicated to the Funniest Man in the World!
  2. Alien Abductions  There are Some Strange People in the World, Stranger than Aliens!
  3. Ask Satan Just Ask & He'll Give You an Answer
  4. Bagpuss Recommended by DB in Cardiff, He's 26 Years Young!
  5. Befuddle  Site Dedicated to Drinking Alcohol & Telling Tales
  6. Bizarre Bazaar  Collection of Very Funny Images, Adverts & Greetings
  7. Bullies Reunited Spoof of the Famous Friends Site
  8. Cheesy Elephant Bob is an Elephant Made of Cheese....
  9. Clapping Fetus! Hours of Bizarre Videos, Cartoons, Pictures! Adults Only!
  10. Clangers  Home Site That's Out of this World!!!!
  11. Cock eyed No Matter How Bad Things Are They Can Always Get Worse!
  12. Darwin Awards  Simply the Funniest Site
  13. Death Clock  Answer the Questions & it Will Predict Your Time Left!!
  14. Doggy  Works Out How Old You are in Dog Years
  15. Dumb Laws  Listing of the Strangest Laws Around the World
  16. Final Meal  Disturbing Final Meal Requests from Death Row
  17. Freaky   Freaky Video Clips, Jokes, Stories, News & More
  18. Fork-You  Strange Spoon Bending Site
  19. Halloween Web The scariest of all halloween Sites This site is only for the brave! you've been warned!
  20. Hangover Cures for the Morning After!
  21. Improbable Archive of Improbable Research
  22. I Wanna be Famous  If You Want Your 15 min's of Fame Click Here
  23. League Of Ladies Spoofing The League of Gentlemen Top Site!
  24. Mingers  Gallery of Ugly People ,Check the Minger's Shop!
  25. Mr Methane  Home Site of the World's Only Performing Flautist
  26. My Little Tony  Your Chance Question Mr Blair :)
  27. Occultopedia Fascinating Site that Examines Where Natural & Supernatural Meet
  28. Patent  The Strangest Patents in the World, All True!!!
  29. Prank Calls  Listing of Prank Telephone Calls
  30. Pylon  Site Dedicated to Pylons!,  Even Vote for the Pylon of the Month
  31. Red & Proud  Ginge's Only Site, Includes the Soon to be Famous Redstock Festival
  32. Rubber Burner  He's Cool,  NOT
  33. Rude Food  LastMinute's Rude! Food Fridge Magnet Game
  34. Save Our Takeaways Geoff Capes Says Snack Off! Snack Stop
  35. Sorry  Apology Note Creator
  36. TES Wacky Food Consumption Society
  37. The Onion  Online Spoof American Newspaper
  38. The Spark  Take a Test Online, Are U???
  39. Totally Absurd  The Other Home of the Weird
  40. Truck Pics  An Amazing Collection of Truck Pictures, Phewwwww
  41. Ugly Cars  A Collection of Cars That's Best Forgotten
  42. Ugly Footballers  Rich, Famous, Fit & Talented But Still Ugly!! 
  43. Useless Fact of The Day  Look Once a Day
  44. Useless Knowledge  Amaze Your Friends with Your Totally Useless! Knowledge
  45. Weird  The Weird Magazine
  46. Weird Site  Home of the Weird
  47. Whale  The Infamous Exploding Whale Newsreel
  48. Worst Case Scenarios  You Never Know When You Need to Escape Quicksand
  49. Wacky  Site Explores Wacky Uses for Common Objects



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