Experiencing the life of food!

We at The Experentearians Society believe that Vegetarians, Vegans & alike have not gone far enough. ES members only eat food you have experienced the life of. Until you've lived the life of food you can't really make up you mind to Life's Ultimate Question "Should i Eat That!"

Latest Food Experiences by Our Members

(Bob) Member No:4576328

  Unless You Can Live IT!  Bob Can, Can U? 

Bob Hope (Kentucky USA) loves to eat steak! and wash it down with a huge milkshake. Every time he sat down at his favorite steakhouse for a blood dripping feast, his conscious always cried out "Moo!". So Bob dressed as a Cow and spent the day in the country eating grass. "I loved it" says Bob who now eats his steaks with a smile, "I wish i was a Cow", "I wish i had Udders" "Why are all Cows so pretty". Bob is now planning to try to learn the language to try to take the next step to Advanced food understanding. Proof that joining the ES has made Bob a happier & more interesting guy.


(Jock) Member No:3789321

Yum Yum..  Frightened like Jock?

Jock Strop (Glasgow, Scotsland, UK) enjoys a good old fashioned Rabbit pie for breakfast every morning. But while reading his morning newspaper tucking into his pie Jock was always worrying that the Rabbit in the pie had not had the best life. So Jock decided to live the life of a Rabbit for a week, he got all of his friends to scare him as often as possible. "I love being scared" says Jock, "Its like being on a rollercoaster all the time", "I wish i was a Rabbit", "I wish i was covered in fur". Proof once again that joining the ES makes you a better person.


(Bob) Member No:007
Delicious? Brave Bob

Bob Barking (Coldville, Alaska) eats Onions like most people chew gum. Bob could never understand why people always walked off when he started to talk. "I thought  i was ugly" says Bob. Bob decided that because he ate 20-30 LARGE Onions a day that people felt sorry for the poor Onions he was chomping. So Bob decided to cry for a week to experience the life of an Onion. "I loved it", " The tears made my skin look younger", "People put their arms around me!, it felt GOOD!". People still walk away when Bob speaks, but he feels sure in time they'll forgive him for his Onion abuse. Proof that joining the ES makes people like you.

(Alfred) Member No:0800800800

Where are my Eggs? gary rhodesAlffy

Alfred Applecart (Hobblesteed, England) has been a member since 1987 and has won a special prize from us for the " Most Longest Food Experience ". "I just love Caviar" said Alf, Alfy Decided to become a pregnant fish for 9 years (after misreading the gestation period in his "Boys Book of Fish" of the Sturgeon). "I went to work every day with a carrier bag full of eggs under my cardigan", " I had loads of embarrassing experiences! especially when i went bungee jumping!!!" Well after years of "egg on his face?" so to speak Alfe finally sat down to a bowl of best caviar at his local pub. "Delicious.... and well worth 4500".  Good on you AlfieBoy, Proof once again that joining the ES is not expensive.


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